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Neuro-empowerment for scale-ups.

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In the rapidly changing world of scale-ups, it is essential to focus not only on growth, but also on having a strong, coherent and balanced organization. 

A working environment in which all your team members use their full potential and work together in perfect harmony. Well-synchronized teams are the backbone of any successful business, but especially in a fast-growing .company

Our satisfied customers

"Pinecone has given us a lot of insight into each other's personalities and how we can better understand each other as a team. This results in more understanding of each other's choices and ultimately better collaborations."

Cedric Brunings - co-CEO & MD

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With Pinecone we lay the foundation for an environment in which everyone understands how he or she can best contribute and collaborate. We provide support in optimizing everyone's neuros-strengths, optimize team dynamics and improving leadership styles.


Well-being for

your employees

More cohesion & an improved performance 

 Insights for a

more balanced organization

“We support you so that your organization not only continues to grow, but your people also continue to flourish.”

Neuro-empowerment in various areas

Awareness about yourself

Individual development

Discover what drives you, how you deal with situations and what neuro-strengths you naturally have. Insights from our process create greater understanding of different points of view, visions and actions and thus awareness about yourself and your unique personality.

Understanding team members

“Ask ten colleagues for an opinion and you will get ten different opinions.” Neuro-strengths play a major role in how people view situations. The models and insights from our track provide context. Within this context you can more easily position each other as colleagues and therefore understand each other better.

Insight into team dynamics

What is the dynamic within the team and why is this? This has to do, among other things, with everyone's primary behavioral characteristics, different motivations and visions. Our method profiles this.

Work fulfillment

Work that is in line with everyone's neuro-strengths is experienced as energizing and this contributes to mental fitness and happiness.

During the track your neuro-strengths are identified. The starting point for learning to use this optimally, minimize pitfalls and, where necessary, supplement desired qualities with skills.

Conflict reduction

One of the reasons that conflicts arise is that we want to convince the other that we are right. But what if the other person simply views the world through different glasses and has different values? Then it is simply not possible to be right. Understanding each other's views and values therefore reduces conflict.

Effectiveness improvement

We often work based on what we are good at. But is this the most effective? In this process you will be provided with tools and insights to make adjustments that can increase the effectiveness of the team.

Bore- & burn-out and prevention

Per profile, insights are provided into possible factors that i) increase long-term stress and thus the risk of a burn-out. And ii) possible lack of inspiration and thus increasing the risk of a bore-out.

Our approach has been proven to be effective within weeks:

(figures presented are averages)

Awareness about yourself





Understanding team members





100% of our participants understand themselves better

85% immediately reports improvements in their work

100% of our participants understand colleagues better 

77% report that teamwork has changed positively 

Would you like to know how we can take your organization to new heights?
Contact us for more information:

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