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Natural qualities

Do you ever wonder why you sometimes get energy from something and at other times you run out of energy? What makes you make the choices you make?

​The reason is as simple as it is strong: your natural qualities.

These qualities direct our lives. What comes easily to us is what we like to do and what doesn't come easily to us is what we prefer to avoid. Often people take their natural qualities for granted and not valuable. Others are not aware of it at all.

Knowledge of your natural qualities gives you the opportunity to act very consciously in accordance with them. ​Every day we see qualities in the people around us and know from experience that these are the keys to unlocking potential.

What exactly are your natural qualities?


You can deduce this from why you get energy from certain activities (your motives), how you deal with situations (your behavior), and what your natural abilities are to do something well (your strengths).

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