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Create more happiness at work and improve collaborations. Grow as a team.

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Your growth
made accessible.

​We support you with your daily growth as a team.Growth results in better results and greater happiness in your work. We realize this on the basis of models used and tested worldwide.

With this you discover what everyone gets energy from and how people act differently in situations. Furthermore you will learn what everyones natural qualitiesand you will find out what the related pitfalls are, because yes there are.


You can also discover how stress & growth is expressed, what everyone's points for development are, what your natural strengths are and how you can move from wishes to reality more effectively.


Enough input for growth.

We make your growth accessible with digital technology, high quality content en online coaching.

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Grow with globally known and tested models: 

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How it works? Simple and effective.

Each team member starts with an individual online intake of 20 minutes and gets to know the Pinecone coach.



Then each team member independently completes an Enneagram assessment AND a DISC assessment – and receives his/her personal reports


The results are then discussed in a 1-1 online coaching session of 60 minutes.


After the coaching session, each team member will receive personal insights about themselves via SMS twice a week for 3 months


The team results and how you can strengthen each other are discussed in an online session of 90 minutes in an interactive way  with the Pinecone coach.

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