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Create more happiness in life
and improve relationships.
Grow as a person.

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Your growth
made accessible.

​We support you with your daily growth.Growth results in better results and greater happiness in your work and/or private life. We realize this on the basis of worldwide known and tested models.

With that you discover what yournatural qualitiesare. You will also find out what the related pitfalls are, because yes, there are those too. You can also learn what gives you energy, how stress & growth is expressed, what your development points are, how you act in situations and how you can move from your wish to reality more effectively.

Enough input for growth.

We make your growth accessible with digital technology, high-quality content and affordable prices. We guide you withonline coaching for actually realizing your growth.

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Growth based on worldwide
known and tested models: 

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How it works? Simple and effective.

First schedule your online intake of 20 minutes without obligation and get to know the Pinecone coach.



Make your Enneagram and DISC assessment. Receive your personal reports.


Discuss your personal results and growth goals in an online coaching session of 60 minutes.


Receive personal insights about yourself twice a week for 3 months via SMS to further support your growth.

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Non-binding intake?

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